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Author of:  The Wizards of White Haven series, Surviving Prophesy and The Last Heir of Winterbrock

Author Bio:

I have always had a love of books and the intriguing places they’d lead my imagination. Recklessly galloping across the fields as a child, my pony became a winged Pegasus; the yellow-eyed goats were crafty Satyrs and the open Scottish moorland around the house was home to all manner of creatures heard but rarely seen.

I have always enjoyed creating characters and setting them in a fictional environment where our “normal” has an unusual twist. However, it was first during a lazy summer holiday, that I actually began writing down the scenes popping into my head. Those ideas took root and developed, the characters quickly taking on a life of their own, and before I knew it, a book was taking shape.

Today, I live in the middle of the UK in a peaceful market town squeezing in my writing around a full time job, with the support of my ever-patient husband.

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