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Clan Green Bear

CLAN GREEN BEAR – Wizards of White Haven

Book 2

by Frances Howitt

ClanGreenBear cover19bBook 2 Description:

Set apart by being the only academy specialising in wizard and animus students, outsiders watch Jim’s leadership of White Haven closely, with either approval or trepidation. Whilst students are being enrolled in greater numbers than ever before, other factions seek to forcibly remove Jim as headmaster.

Building on their alliance with Jim, Clan Green Bear now have a long-term refuge, if they can keep it secret, and Drako finally has a home to call his own. The last thing Drako expects is to fall in love with an elusive student. Clan custom dictates however, that Drako seek approval from the clan and permission from his father and brother, the heir, before he dates any woman. His brother also has a nasty habit of taking what he wants, especially as he has been promised a bride for himself. Drako has a thorny challenge before him winning over his clan whilst she has to reassure her family that marrying a fugitive will not be the grave risk they expect.

Facing repeated attack, Jim evolves from a young inexperienced wizard, to being frighteningly powerful. His potential is coveted by enemies and friends alike, and one too many external threats have unexpected, frightening and far-reaching consequences.

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