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Natalya – Wizards of White Haven

Book 3

by Frances Howitt

Natalya cover20bAfter being on the run for several weeks, the animus cat Natalya is at her wit’s end. Trapped within a walled town she is finally being run to ground by an inquisitor squad. White Haven Academy’s headmaster Jim and his guard aid her escape, enabling her to take refuge at White Haven. However this leads Natalya’s pursuers to the school, and when they catch up with her, it is with disastrous results.

Meanwhile, White Haven Academy seeks independence from the Wizard Guilds with the backing of Lord Aubrey. The school also gains increasing recognition in the magical community for their stance on teaching students to respect all those with magical ability as equals, leading to an increase in student applications.

Due to his need to offload an abundance of leached magic after the battle with Jared and his men, Jim rebuilds some ruins found on the school grounds. The ruins turn out to be a long disused portal and although the old stone has some markings, he has no idea where it leads or whether it is safe to use. After some investigation he realises the portal could pose both a threat to White Haven and great potential to Clan Green Bear’s future.


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