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Forging Alliances

Forging Alliances – Wizards of White Haven:  Book 4
by Frances Howitt
 forging-alliances-cover7b-goldAnimus warriors, dragons, wizards, lords and ordinaries continue to build new alliances with White Haven, but they all have their own agenda. White Haven might be going from strength to strength but there are those that are very unhappy about it, together with the shifting alliances of power in the region.
The Wizard Guild, dismayed by claims of misconduct and the subsequent defeat of their local branch’s leader, by Jim’s hand, send their top enforcer to investigate. They are also annoyed by White Haven’s declaration of independence and additionally task their investigator, a warrior wizard of legendary power, to take over the Eastern Guild and if necessary, bring Jim into line.
Meanwhile Clan Green Bear are in a race against time, secretly trying to rebuild their ancestral castle and make it defensible before they are discovered.
Publication date 9th December 2016
Available in e-book and paperback formats


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