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The Last Heir of Winterbrock

A White Haven World Novel

Published 31/03/2018 on Amazon


Book Description

Following an unprovoked attack, Lady Thea Winterbrock finds herself the only survivor of a massacre that wipes out her entire family. Relentlessly pursued by heavily armed warriors, intent on returning her to slavers, she is forced to flee over the mountains to the nearest stronghold with family friends. Starved and weakened she is relieved to come across a fellow traveller who befriends her and aids her in reaching safety. Since he too is a wolf shifter she instinctively knows he can be trusted to keep his promise of being her protector but she wonders what he’ll expect in return for such selflessness.

Destitute, her family estate ransacked and probably under enemy occupation, she must use the harsh winter months to gather allies and friends to help her return and reclaim her home and birth-right before it is lost forever.


NB. This book is set in the same world as the Wizards of White Haven series but is a stand alone story.

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