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Surviving Prophesy ~ The Immortals

The Immortals series:

In a world ruled by wizards,  some of whom are not remotely benign,  shifters and deadly fantastic beasts survive on the defensive.  Lacking offensive magical abilities, fangs or claws, the immortals have to be wary of the envious, too.   They must tread a difficult and often peril filled path to maintain their secret identity or risk enslavement.  Whilst wizards might pity an immortal’s lack of magical prowess, that lack of defence makes them vulnerable to abuse.  Some wizards will do anything for immortality, even if it is partial and comes at a steep cost.  Friend or foe, wizards rarely let an immortal pass unremarked.

Book 1 – Surviving Prophesy is Zacharias and Megan’s story.

Available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.


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