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Surviving Prophesy

Surviving Prophesy – The Immortals 

Book 1

by Frances Howitt


When Megan, a blind wizard healer meets to treat an injured Zacharias, she recognises him as one of the now rare immortals. Surprised he would be interested in a blind woman, she is wary of his motives but accepts his company on a working day out, sure it will cure his curiosity.

Despite knowing courtship could make her a target for his enemies, Zacharias succumbs to his attraction, knowing she is the one he’s been waiting decades to find. Almost immediately they are attacked by a swarm of unnatural predatory insects and he discovers he’s been under surveillance. Rather than separate them, the initial attack pushes them together as they join forces to flee.

It has been foretold that his wife will bring down the cruel dictator, Lord Wizard Darcourt. They soon realise their enemy believes that prophesy and his goal is to thwart it by murdering one of them before they can be married.

Uncovering an insidious plot to destroy the future of the Immortal race, Megan understands her disability has a purpose she could never have imagined. Always looking over their shoulders for the next attack, they realise that for many others to find peace too, the prophesy must be fulfilled.


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