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The New Look Website

Frances and I have been working hard on the “New Look” website, choosing a new theme from WordPress, making sure all the links work to internal pages and to external pages for the author pages and individual book pages.

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  1. Joe Joe

    I feel a book four coming to Wizards of White Haven – is one in work?

    BTW, my email address predates your series… 🙂

    • Frances Howitt Frances Howitt

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, there is a book 4 in the works, but not yet finished.
      Hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far. NB. Love your wizard email address.

  2. Joe Joe

    Thanks – Love your series; can’t wait for my Christmas present!


  3. Margaret Paulk Margaret Paulk

    Love the series. Hope for a new book soon. Any idea when??

    • Frances Howitt Frances Howitt

      Hi Margaret,
      I’m very pleased you have enjoyed my books.
      Please leave reviews if you can.
      As you can imagine, juggling my writing around a full time job is very hard, but I do have another book that is at proof read stage. This book is not part of the White Haven series but it is set in the same world.
      Thank you very much for your interest – it’s always lovely to hear from readers and I hope you enjoy the next books too.

  4. Faye Jackson Faye Jackson

    Mrs. Howitt, I read, with pleasure, your book “The Last Heir of Winterbrock.” The title commented that it was a “White Haven world novel. What is the next book in that series?

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