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AMELIE – Wizards of White Haven

Book 1

by Frances Howitt

Amelie coverBook 1 description:

Being able to change shape into a dragon isn’t the only trick up Amelie’s sleeve, but at sixteen she’s only just discovering what she might be capable of. Living in a world where anyone with magical ability risks slavery or death, she is forced to hide what she is and lives in fear of discovery.

Jim is a young partly trained wizard. Arrested on false pretenses he is thrown into prison where he meets Amelie. Working together to escape the prison and those seeking their death, they flee through a magical portal to another continent not knowing what they will find.

Dropped into a vast wilderness, far from home, they stick together to evade pursuit and warring factions, not knowing who to trust. Outwitting their pursuers, they are faced with the ultimate choice to spend their lives running from persecution and death, or to stand up and fight for who and what they are.

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